Is this a diet or nutrition plan?

No, this is an individualized plan for you to make realistic, lasting lifestyle changes. Your program may include changing the things you eat and when you eat, adding or changing your physical activity level and/or exercises in self acceptance. We also discuss other issues with food, including sugar addiction, caffeine addiction, emotional or binge eating and more! Additionally, we may discuss your job, relationships, kids, body image, major stressors and time management and how these things affect your lifestyle, how you feel and why.

Do you sell shakes or supplements?

No. I do not believe a healthy lifestyle includes meal replacement and if you have a healthy diet and lifestyle that works best for your body, you will not likely need supplementation. There are exceptions, but I will only recommend high quality supplements that have been tested as safe and good quality by an independent lab.

What can I expect during a session?

You can expect my undivided attention devoted to you and your concerns. During your first session, we will talk extensively about your lifestyle habits, then determine your goals and work on them in the order of your choosing during each subsequent session. This is not a quick fix, rather it is real life advice to experiment and determine your best adjustments.

Can you help me lose weight?

Absolutely! However, weight loss is usually a side effect of adopting a better lifestyle. I am not a weight loss coach and I do not offer programs specifically for weight loss only.

What types of programs do you offer?

I offer individual coaching based on your unique goals and needs. There are no cookie cutter programs or diet prescriptions here. There is no one diet that works for every person, so there is no one program that works for every person. Sessions are relaxed and tailored to your individual needs.