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What is Pop Pilates?

What is Pop Pilates?

Pop Pilates is a group fitness class that combines traditional mat Pilates with low-impact cardio set to music to create a fun, dynamic, full body workout. This class is set up in blocks that flow from one muscle group to the next, ensuring that every muscle group is worked in each class.

Some of the benefits of this Pilates-based class include core strengthening, improved posture, improved flexibility, increased range of motion, and increased agility.

Did you know? Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates and was originally called Contrology. The method was developed with influences from boxing, ballet, yoga and even skiing. Pilates refined his method during World War I as he helped rehabilitate wounded soldiers.

Joseph Pilates came to the United States in 1926, opening a fitness studio in New York City in the same building as they NYC Ballet. Dancers started taking his classes and reaping the benefits. This led to dancers all over the country incorporating his method into their daily routine. Since then, Pilates has continually grown in popularity among celebrities, athletes, and in mainstream fitness communities.

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