You are not broken…..

Many times when I talk with someone for the first time about what I do, they ask me if I can fix them. Well hear me load and clear: YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!

1. You are human, not a machine. No one can “fix” you.
2. Let go of perfection. It does not exist! Perfectionism = self abuse
3. Agree to be here. When you accept yourself and where you are in your journey, you become more present and less stressed. This is the path to success no matter what your goals.
4. The way you feel about your body is the how you feel about your life. Stop rushing and appreciate the everyday.
5. Check in with yourself when it’s time to eat. How do you feel? Is what you’re eating truly nourishing you? Are you enjoying your meal? Are you eating without distractions? How do you feel when you are finished?

I’ll leave you with a question to really think about: Have you ever known someone who had the ideal looks, weight and body, yet they were insecure and unhappy? What does that tell you?

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