Are you ready for Summer?

Summer is here! Well, almost! I hope you’ve been enjoying the warmer weather. What do you do to get ready for summer? For many, starting a new diet and/or exercise routine is part of the preparation for bathing suit season.

You probably know by now, I don’t like “diets.” I think they leave us feeling like failures because we just can’t stick to the strict rules. Instead, I like to recommend simple, healthy lifestyle changes. While some changes aren’t easy, my recommendations never come with rules and aren’t meant to be temporary.

Exercise shouldn’t feel like work. Okay, I know sometimes it does! Focus on finding physical activities you really enjoy rather than forcing yourself to go to a class you dread. Yes, sometimes those difficult classes leave you feeling accomplished and like a warrior! Sometimes it is exactly what you need. For long term success though, you’ll stick with a routine you look forward to. Remember, weight loss doesn’t happen by killing yourself with exercise and eating junk. You can’t out exercise a bad diet!



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