Grocery Shopping Fun

An unusual and surprising request from my husband helped make a typical Sunday into a unique step forward in our relationship and in my quest to provide healthy choices for our family. I hope you enjoy this unlikely turn of events.

First you have to know and understand my husband. I’ll give you a quick description to get you up to speed: He would consider himself a progressive thinker.  I agree, however his work habits, hobbies and overall persona label him a conservative blue collar outdoorsman who would rather sweat and break his back for 12 hours cleaning and maintaining my car, fixing any multitude of things around the home or putting in day 6 or 7 at our business than spending 5 minutes in the organic section at the grocery store. This is where the story begins…..

Sunday February 22 was a typical Sunday at our home. The kids were getting up at different times and breakfast extended from 7AM to after 10AM.  We were talking about some household chores and who was doing what and I was preparing the final items on my list for the grocery store when the unthinkable happened. Jamey suggested that he and I go to the grocery store together. Ha- Ha, LOL, LMAO. Even our daughter made a painful face at the thought of it. Daddy… grocery store! You have to be kidding. I have to say I turned him down at first but he persisted so I reluctantly agreed.
The 20 minute ride to the store was great. We were able to talk and catch up on some things from the week, or for that matter the year, that were impossible with the normal day to day routine and confusion. Of course we talked about the kids, family, our business and my health coaching but I was surprised how much we covered in 20 minutes. The difference here is we were still mentally fresh. Not worn out from the day or rushing from one thing to the next. It was surprisingly refreshing and relaxing.

Now, as he pushed the cart amongst all the Sunday shopping crazy people, I thought he would have lost his mind 5 minutes in. Nope! He asked me questions about some of the choices I made and I was able to explain to him why and he seemed to really be interested and engaged. The funny thing was I didn’t think he had been paying attention!  Validating the healthy changes I had been making for our family was not only surprising but I truthfully didn’t think he cared about this stuff. We now are on the same mission – or had we both been on the same mission all along but were unable to communicate it due to the daily grind? Either way it was groundbreaking! As another unexpected bonus, he was pointing out things that I hadn’t noticed because I’m usually on assignment to complete the task of shopping and parts of the store had become wallpaper to me.  We were even able to come up with a different meal selection for one evening based on some of his suggestions.

The ride home was equally as valuable and to top it off the kids had done the chores we asked them to do while we were gone.

I know it may not be possible for everyone to leave the kids alone for a couple hours. It wasn’t for us for the first decade and a half of our marriage either – something to look forward to if your kids are really young.

Now I am sure you may be wondering why after 15 years of marriage this was the first time we had gone grocery shopping together.  Well the answer is simple: there are some things he is just better at then me and vice versa. This is what has worked for us over the years and we accept the different roles we are good at. It doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t change but looking at simple things differently is sometimes all it takes.  Maybe it’s not the grocery store or home center that you and your significant other haven’t experienced together in a while. Whatever the activity, don’t overlook something simple. It could be a game changer!  Guess who came with me to the grocery store again this morning?….Yup!  Maybe that organic food is better than I even thought!

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