It’s Time for some Self-Love

What could help you to accept yourself exactly as you are right now?

The answer is different for everyone. It may take some practice to figure out what that is for you. The goal is to let go of hating your body – it really doesn’t do you any good! In fact, it can make any and all of your efforts counterproductive! For example, if you are stressing yourself out over everything you eat, you put your body in a state where you won’t be digesting your food well and instead storing most of it as fat (no matter what it is you ate!). If you despise your workout, your body will go into a survival response and hang onto whatever calories you were supposed to be burning! If you don’t take any time to do the things you enjoy – whether that is shopping, massage, mani/pedi or reading – you set yourself up to feel deprived, lonely, depressed and resentful! Here are my top tips for showing yourself some love:

Slow down – we live in a crazy, fast-paced world where everything is made to seem like it requires our immediate attention. Take some time to shut off your phone, computer, TV and other electronics, tune into your breath, relax. It doesn’t have to be an hour – even a few minutes will benefit you, especially right before a meal!

Practice embodiment – do physical activity that you truly love and enjoy! Uncertain of what that is for you? Think about ways you used to play when you were young. What made hours pass by like minutes?

Engage your senses – pay attention to all of your feelings. How does your food smell and taste? How does your house look? How does your family sound? How does your body feel?

Get rid of the scale! Stop counting calories and fat grams – at least for a little while. Numbers make us numb and we forget how to use our intuition. Your body has a wisdom that your brain often overrides. Listen to it.

Be your authentic self. Stop making decisions based on what you think is expected of you. Stop thinking about what you should do and think about what actions are in line with your life path.  Be okay with saying no, without giving an explanation, when something doesn’t work for you. Be okay with saying yes, even when it’s scary, when it’s something you want to do.

Embrace your feminine. I don’t mean you should be more girlie or a different version of you – instead embrace the parts of you that identify with the feminine archetype – nourishment, embodiment, pleasure, naturalness, forgiveness, love, care, emotion, guidance, creativity, protectiveness, communication and listening, curves, sensuality, mystery. These are the keys to unlocking your deepest, truest self love!

Learn to love what is


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