Holiday Eating part 2


You made it through another Thanksgiving. Do your pants feel a little tighter? Here’s the thing – one large meal isn’t going to make you gain 10 pounds! You may get temporarily bloated and feel overstuffed, but at most you might gain a pound or two. Here’s my question – are you stuffing yourself to fill another need? Are you starving yourself and then eating more than you usually would because you are so hangry (hungry+angry)? Are you drinking alcohol to “deal” with your relatives?

The winter holidays are just weeks away, and whichever one you celebrate, you likely have a favorite food that you only get once a year. So, why aren’t you enjoying it then? Don’t make a low-fat, low-taste version of it! You won’t be satisfied and you’ll end up binging on something else! I’m not going to rehash all of my tips from my last post – you can read those here: http://cherylbohonyi.com/2014/11/stress-and-the-holidays/

Instead, I would like to remind you that calories do not define your nutrients. You are more than protein, fat and carbohydrates. While you should never reward yourself with food, you should certainly enjoy what you eat and allow yourself to feel satisfied, nourished and *gasp* even full!

Feel your emotions instead of trying to hide them. I’m not advising you to be miserable, of course, but you need to feel what you feel! Allow yourself a few minutes to address how you feel with yourself. Sometimes we overreact, sometimes we misunderstand, but our feelings are real and when we ignore them or try to suppress them, we end up filling that void with food! Perhaps journaling is something you’d like to try, perhaps meditation is a better route, or maybe something physical, like walking or running, is more your preference. Sometimes you need to address your feelings with someone else – talking with your spouse, parent, friend. Sometimes you have hurt feelings and you need to talk it through with whoever caused them. My point of all this, is we are taught our whole lives not to show anger, don’t cry, don’t act out. Then, we suppress those feelings and never fully deal with them. Why do we do that to ourselves? This causes stress on our bodies and, in turn, causes us to hold onto excess weight. Sometimes these feelings manifest into more serious issues like binge eating, irritable bowel and more.

That old adage “mind over matter” really has some meaning! Our minds are really powerful and have serious impacts on our weight and overall health. If you regularly submit to negative self-talk, poor body image, wish for more willpower, wish you could change something that happened in the past, etc., you are setting yourself up to fail! If, however, you use self-affirmation, think positive and set realistic goals for yourself, you are almost guaranteed to succeed!

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